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What is MusoMagic?

MusoMagic provides innovative, outstanding workshops and programs that unite, engage, motivate and empower groups of all ages and backgrounds through the magic of song.

Using music as the powerful and unifying medium that it is, MusoMagic experiences lead groups through activities designed to lift them out of their comfort zones in the bonding process of creating a song that reflects shared themes and values.

Tailored to meet designated objectives and themes, the process involves open communication, negotiation, compromise and trust – the main ingredients to any successful relationship – all facilitated in a creative, fun and safe environment. The tangible result is not only a brilliant song and video clip, but, most importantly, a group that is united under a common banner of shared values and goals.

The intangible outcomes can be long lasting and invaluable – increased respect for self and others, more open communication amongst team members, co-workers or students, and a renewed sense of engagement with the workplace, organisation or school. For all participants there is a strong sense of achievement, pride and self-empowerment that enhances all aspects of life.

You can read more about the MusoMagic organisation and founder, Adam Thompson by visiting the MusoMagic website HERE


 Our MusoMagic History

Strathbogie Shire's journey with MusoMagic began back in 2011 when the MusoMagic team first came to Euroa to deliver the very first program.

That year 54 young people from Euroa Secondary College took part and the very first song and video clip was created. The young people involved loved it so much it was never a question of if MusoMagic would return, but when.

MusoMagic returned again to Euroa in 2012 with about 40 young people taking part.

From 2013 - 2015 Strathbogie Shire formed a three way partnership with Mitchell Shire and Murrindindi Shire  to share the MusoMagic experience as part of our FReeZA funded program. Each Shire was the host of the program for one year and took the lead role in organising the event. This partnership has brought together young people from across three regional areas, new friendships have been made and everyone looks forward to MusoMagic and catching up in person again to make an amazing song and video clip. Not only is it alot of fun, but young people involved learn about themselves, take on mentoring and leadership roles, facilitate activities and expand their skills.

In 2016 a new three way partnership was established between Strathbogie Shire, Mitchell Shire and new partner, Mansfield Shire. Strathbogie Shire was the host for 2016 and Violet Town was the venue for this years Musomagic event. Over 90 young people from across the three Shires participated. You can see the finished song and video clip created by "Tradies on the Roof" via the link below.



In 2017 a new partnership between Strathbogie, Mansfield and Benalla was created and Benalla hosted – see the video in the links below. You can also check our previous years partnerships and creations.

This year 2018, Mansfield Shire hosted and 90+ young people aged between the ages of 12 and 23yrs came together to create this years song which centred around the theme being in charge of creating your own life, your story. You can check it out here:

Odd Socks – Truth = You (

This program is made possible by the State Government Victoria through FReeZA.

If you or someone you know is interested in being involved in Musomagic, please contact our Youth Officers at Strathbogie Shire Council.

The three Shires also have a joint facebook page especially for the participants of MusoMagic and anyone who may be interested in taking part in a future MusoMagic program.

It is usually the first place news of new program dates are announced.

You can visit this facebook page by clicking HERE

Musomagic Clips

2018 Odd Socks – Truth =You

2017 The Lost Emails - The Voice Inside

2016 Tradies on the Roof - Million Ways

2015 Mustramitch - Master Plan

2014 Teenage Heros - Shout!

2013 Swept Away - Eternity

2012 Unpredictable Floorboards - Rolling The Dice

2011 54 Faces - Breaking Doors






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