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Goulburn River & Lake Nagambie




The Goulburn River is a major source of irrigation water in northern Victoria and the waters impounded by the weir provide recreation boating opportunities on the river, Lake Nagambie and the Goulburn Weir.  Boating is a valued recreation activity in the area, attracting thousands of visitors from within Victoria, interstate and overseas. 

Being close to Melbourne, the area has become a venue for a wide range of boating activities, including: rowing/canoeing, regattas, fishing, water-skiing and cruising.  Attractions such as cellar door sales of premium wines, restaurants and cafes, markets and accommodation enhance the overall experience.

Goulburn River map

Lake Nagambie map

Lake Nagambie and the Goulburn River Waterways Guide

Boat operators should exercise care to ensure that they are operating in a fashion that is appropriate to their location, the conditions and impacts on other water users and the environment.

Respect Private Property

Much of the land adjacent to the waterway is private property and shold not be used without the permission of the land owner.


The waters and adjacent land are part of a sensitive environment and boaters should:

  • avoid making undue noise; particularly in the early morning
  • keep rubbish on board and dispose of it upon return to shore
  • not pollute the water or adjacent land and take special care not to spill any fuel.  Pollution is not only illegal, it destroys the very environment that makes this waterway so popular

For more information on the waterway you can visit Strathbogie Shire's Visitor Information Centre at 293 High St Nagambie (Ph: 1800 444 647)

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