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Feral and Stray Cats

Council's formal agreements with 'not for profit' organisations and local veterinary practices to rehome animals, along with incentives to de-sex domestic animals, is reducing the number of unwanted animals in the Shire. Despite this, the numbers of unwanted and or feral cats is still a concern.

Council would like to raise awareness in addressing the numbers of unwanted cats, particularly litters of kittens in townships.

Feral and stray cats not only create issues in the urban and rural environment through trespass and the spread of infectious diseases, they also have a devastating effect on native wildlife populations.

Feral cats are blamed with driving many of our threatened species to extinction, with each feral cat capable of killing 1,400 native animals each year on average (Mr Gregory Andrews, Threatened Species Commissioner).

A method of controlling this ongoing issue, is to reduce feral and stray cats ability to easily survive and breed in the open environment.

This relies heavily on the responsible activity of residents and pet owners within the Shire.

Never feed stray or feral cats out of sympathy. This can be the start of a much bigger problem down the track.

Feral cats will migrate to any area where food is easily and readily available and one cat will quickly turn into many cats.

Minimise potential shelters for cats around the home by boarding up sheds, garages and under houses.

Contact Council, and depending on the severity of the problem, arrangements can be made for trapping, collection and removal of feral cats from your property.


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