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Update on the Euroa Pound

The Euroa Pound is no longer operational for dogs and cats, however the site is still able to be used for livestock.

Strathbogie Shire Council Deputy Mayor, Cr Melanie Likos said we understand the decision to cease operation for dogs and cats has raised concern in our community, but wanted to assure locals it was the best decision.

The facility no longer meets the Code of Practice approved by Animal Welfare Victoria for the housing of dogs and cats at a shelter or pound.

"This means dogs and cats were being housed in sub-standard facilities," she said.

"We investigated an upgrade, but quickly realised this wouldn’t be the best use of ratepayer’s money."

In Strathbogie Shire an average of about four or five dogs and cats enter the pound each month.

"This is because our first priority is to get pets back to their owners," she said.

"If an animal is microchipped and registered with Council our Ranger takes them home."

Of the animals found wandering away from home in past 12 months almost 75 per cent were returned to their owners or rehomed without entering the pound.

"It’s a service we’re proud of," Cr Likos said.

"We are constantly hearing of the great work of our Ranger in the community.

"Reuniting pets with their owners is our priority."

Unfortunately there are instances when animals are surrendered to the pound, or when a lost dog or cat is not registered with Council, it’s a repeat offender or there has been a violent incident where a pet must be seized.

These animals are now being transported to the Shepparton Animal Shelter.

The Shepparton Animal Shelter was chosen because it’s close to Strathbogie Shire and because the pound facilities are compliant and a safe place to house pets until they can be returned to their owner.

"If animal owners register and microchip their pets, it will be very unlikely their animal will be taken to the Shepparton Animal Shelter," she said.

"Pet owners should contact their local vet to arrange for them to be microchipped and contact the shire to ensure their pets are registered."

To register your pet with Strathbogie Shire Council visit pet registrations or phone 1800 065 993.


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