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Dry conditions bring forward the fire season

Friday, 17 August, 2018

The Country Fire Authority (CFA) has announced an early start to the bushfire season in Victoria due to record-breaking low rainfall.

According to CFA, current climate outlooks produced by the Bureau of Meterology indicate warmer and drier conditions, which will worsen with current state of dryness in spring and early summer.

CFA is talking about bringing restrictions in as early as September and is urging the public to start preparing for the bushfire season now.

Strathbogie Shire’s Municipal Emergency Manager, Ken Ross is urging residents to start preparing their properties now.

“Grass curing can occur very quickly and even though the grass may be green, there will still be a requirement to keep within the required standards,” Mr Ross explained.

“We urge landowners and residents to start preparing to ensure their land is as safe as possible.”

Mr Ross said properties within townships or less than 2.6Ha must remove all flammable rubbish from their yards and ensure grass and weeds are kept cut to a height of no more
than 100mm.

“Properties greater than 2.6Ha must slash around all buildings to a minimum distance of 20 metres,” Mr Ross explained.

“Property boundaries must be slashed to a width of 6 metres. When neighbouring dwellings and assets are nearby this must be increased to at least 20 metres.”

Mr Ross said the early bushfire season will bring forward inspections and the provision of Fire Prevention Notices.

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