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Local Law - Community

Current Local Laws at Strathbogie Shire Council Local-Laws

Local Law No. 6 - Community

The purpose of Community Local Law No. 6 is to provide for the peace, order and good Government of the Strathbogie Shire by:

1. Regulating and controlling uses and activities on Council land and roads so that the Council is aware of uses or activities which may:

  1. Be detrimental to the amenity of the area or the enjoyment of facilities on land or roads; or
  2. Cause damage to Council and community assets; or
  3. Create a danger or expose others to risk; or
  4. Interfere with the safety and convenience of people travelling on or using Council land or roads; or
  5. Impede free and safe access for people, and in particular those with sight and movement impairment or disabilities;

2. Managing, regulating and controlling activities and uses on any land which:

  1. May be dangerous, or cause a nuisance or be detrimental to the amenity of the area or the environment; or
  2. Are directed at maintaining a healthy and safe environment for residents and visitors; or
  3. Promote community expectations and demands about their desired lifestyle and the availability of goods and services provided to them;
  4. Identifying activities and uses that are not permitted so as to achieve the purposes in sub-clauses (1) and (2); and
  5. Providing for the administration of the Council’s powers and functions.



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