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Bushfires and Housefires

Prepare Act Survive

The Strathbogie Shire Council wants to make sure residents and visitors to the Shire are safe from fire this fire season.  Go to the CFA website for more information.

Please be aware, the Strathbogie Shire is in the Northern Country District. 

Any queries relating to fire prevention and fire safety may be directed to the Municipal Fire Prevention Officer on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phoning the Council office on 1800 065 993 


Bushfire Smoke and your Health

Bushfire smoke can reduce air quality in rural and urban areas and may affect people's health.

Follow this link for information on bushfire smoke, how it can affect you and your family's health, and actions that you can take to avoid or reduce potential health effects - Bushfire Smoke and your Health

Children, the elderly and people with respiratory conditions including asthma, are the first to feel the effects of smoke and particle pollution and need to take extra care. If you have asthma, or if you are responsible for a child or elderly person with asthma, be aware of the risk and be prepared. For more information on asthma management click here.


Municipal Fire Management Plan

The Municipal Fire Management Plan is currently being developed as an all agency, integrated and strategic approach to fire management within the municipality. The Plan forms part of a broader state and regional framework established under the Emergency Management Act (1986).

Where can I get help for a house fire?

If you are affected by a house-fire, help may be available. 

Contact the Department of Human Services Crisis and Emergency assistance

What other information is available in an emergency?

Contact the Red Cross Emergency Services for information about a range of supports available. 

Victoria OnLine Emergency Services


Electricity - Preparing for Bushfires

Don't rely on your energy supply during a bushfire

Bushfire, smoke and other factors beyond our control can cause interruptions to your gas or electricity supply, meaning that supply cannot always be guaranteed. It is very important that your bushfire plan includes a contingency for a lack of gas or electricity because:

  • supply may need to be disconnected when requested by the CFA to assist in fighting bushfire or to prevent other fires from starting
  • some poles and overhead wires and gas pipes may have been burnt or damaged by fire
  • automatic disconnection switches may activate, cutting off supply in high winds or if a tree or branch falls on the over head line
  • the effect of smoke and fire may cause interruptions to electricity supply
  • your area may experience some loss to supply even though the fire is some kilometers away
  • loss of supply may affect water pressure and communications. Energy reconnection may take some time as the affected area may be inaccessible.

Other services that may be affected include water pressure and communications.


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